Buckshot & P-Money- BackPack Travels

BuckMaybe there’s no better example of a truly successful “backpack” rapper than Buckshot Shorty.  He flirted with mainstream success during the 90’s with Black Moon, stayed relevant in the DIY world by hitting the road, and manages to keep eating in this digital age thanks to quality collaborative records that do nothing but solidify the notion that hip-hop is alive and well in the 21st century.

BackPack Travels, his latest effort with New Zealand producer/DJ P-Money, sounds like a blueprint for this NY renaissance that everyone won’t shut the fuck up about.  Yes, the beats knock throughout and come off nostalgic, yet they never manage to tip towards corny.  Buckshot sounds as crisp as he did when he so famously asked, who got da props?  And young people, please don’t tell me this guy sounds like a perfect fit for Pro Era.  No Buck, no Badass.  Simple as that.


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