How It Is These Days

Ab-Soul’s heavily anticipated third release, These Days, will be available for consumption by the time your alarm goes off tomorrow morning.  He’s been waiting just as patiently as we have for TDE to go on and drop the damn record, but rest assured come June 24th it’s finally here.

Often overshadowed by label-mate and media darling Kendrick Lamar, this record finds a seemingly hungry Ab-Soul fine-tuning his craft. He spends the majority of These Days rapping ferociously over stellar production ranging from the frenetic “Tree Of Life”, to the woozy, apologetic stumble of “Closure”.  The cold vibe of Soul and Schoolboy Q flexing viciously on “Hunnid Stax” (with a cocky Mac Miller on the hook) is a testament to delivering a calculated and pure glimpse of life seen though his trademark black Locs.

Worth the wait and worth the debate, Ab-Soul is a true wordsmith on team that often boasts style over substance.  These Days makes the case that most humble of the TDE roster might be their Top Dawg after all.


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