Heads Are Talking


Montreal’s Ought give me the chills.  Their noisy punk channels the energy of bands that rewrote history and have never stopped getting spins in my rotation.  The nervously calculated charm of The Talking Heads.  The rambunctious energy of Television.  The sucker punch of Fugazi.  It’s all front and center on More Than Any Other Day, their terrific debut.

More Than Any Other Day is brimming with angst; a tension that seems to boil and gather momentum as it charges on.  The record plays like rebellion as much as a celebration of art and youth.  Ironically, Ought is a pack of expatriates who studied in Montreal in the midst of a period of educational reform in 2012 that threatened a potential 75% hike in tuition fees.

The energy and passion is undeniable and downright scary for a band in its infancy.   Sink your teeth in.



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