Slaughterhouse > TDE

photoHip-hop is fashion over form.  I hate to be the old head with the boom bap heartbeat who needs DJ Premier in his life to function properly, but it’s gotten pretty sad.  The internet is a gift and a curse.  There was a time when you had to truly promote your art.  Traditional hustling complete with hand bills, tapes and burned CD’s, show posters…but that’s all changed.

Sure, there’s heaps upon heaps of trash being passed off as art these days.  Ask Kanye.  Ask Future.  But the lost art MC’ing is truly alive and well if you’re willing to wade through the shit puddles of lackluster raps and the webpages full of Jordan’s and lies.  A huge “crew” fan, lately I’ve been feeding myself a steady diet of Slaughterhouse, and in the meantime trying to come to terms with the fact that not another group on planet Earth can fuck with them.

Let’s throw TDE into the mix.  If we’re having a popularity contest, here’s your winner hands down.  But in a man to man showdown with plugged in mics and a live DJ?  These two camps are not even close.  Imagine what would happen to Jay Rock if Joell Ortiz cornered him in battle?  Major shots fired.  Joe Budden and Ab-Soul?  Budden takes that round by an inch because he raps like the mic is fixed to his shirt for an afternoon around the house.  He kicks insane reality free from the conspiracy theories that Soul so frequently gets lost in.

Crooked I and Q wouldn’t even be fair.  Yeah, Q is flashy and has plenty of style, but in actuality he’s TDE’s weakest member on the mic.  Don’t get me wrong, I loved Oxymoron as much as the next hipster, but you’ll be searching all day if you’re looking to be wowed by his content.  Crooked is an off-top menace with no kill switch.

That leaves Royce the 5’9 and America’s pint sized darling, Kendrick Lamar.  While Kendrick may have dropped a stunning debut, and turned the internet upside down when he claimed to be the king of NY, it remains to be seen how long his buzz might last.  Royce has been flexing his brain on tracks for years, and rarely comes to the mic unprepared.  In a straight up showdown of lyrical prowess…I have to give it to Slaughterhouse all day.

Slaughterhouse or TDE?  Comment below.  Tell me I’m full of shit.  Tell me not to quit my day job.  But make sure you can back it up.



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