She’ll Get Haigh If She Wants To

Mona LisaMona Lisa wants to chill as hard as humanly possible, and she wants to bring you with her.  Her digitally bugged out debut, IDK I’M HAIGH BABY’S FIRST MIXTAPE, is a testament to tripping, rapping, singing, and being a thousand times cooler than you and your friends.  She’s only been making music for about a year, but she’s got a foundation that’s built to last.

Her bedroom raps sound like she recorded IDK I’M HAIGH from the kitchen with two cans and some string.  It’s pensive and cloudy, perfectly low key for nights when you’ve got just enough wax for a solo mission to pen city.  It begs for a repeat listen.  Also fitting that the tape ends with “Feel Me”, a sexy, standoffish three minute lament that haunts you after you drift off to sleep.

Get the tape tonight.  Thank me in the morning.  Follow Mona Lisa at @KarateSowers on Twitter you nerds.


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