Grandmilly ft. AJ Suede: Cups/Untitled

Cups/UntitledTonight’s visuals come courtesy of Grandmilly and an old pal of Shiny Glass Houses, AJ Suede.  The two MC’s plow through Long Island’s backwoods off that backwoods to lay the murder game down on some truly gnarly production (from Suede himself).  The song is from Milly’s BVNDVNVZ II, which you can grab here

The pulse of this one is strong.  Listen, then rewind it back and listen again.  Made you look.


How It Is These Days

Ab-Soul’s heavily anticipated third release, These Days, will be available for consumption by the time your alarm goes off tomorrow morning.  He’s been waiting just as patiently as we have for TDE to go on and drop the damn record, but rest assured come June 24th it’s finally here.

Often overshadowed by label-mate and media darling Kendrick Lamar, this record finds a seemingly hungry Ab-Soul fine-tuning his craft. He spends the majority of These Days rapping ferociously over stellar production ranging from the frenetic “Tree Of Life”, to the woozy, apologetic stumble of “Closure”.  The cold vibe of Soul and Schoolboy Q flexing viciously on “Hunnid Stax” (with a cocky Mac Miller on the hook) is a testament to delivering a calculated and pure glimpse of life seen though his trademark black Locs.

Worth the wait and worth the debate, Ab-Soul is a true wordsmith on team that often boasts style over substance.  These Days makes the case that most humble of the TDE roster might be their Top Dawg after all.

Fuck, That’s Delicious

Vice recently launched Munchies, a YouTube channel dedicated to food with a pop culture twist.  Queens-born Albanian maniac Action Bronson is the lead man in a hilarious series they’re calling Fuck, That’s Delicious.  The premise is simple: put a camera on BamBam as he visits a few of this favorite eateries in and out of NYC and film his every move.  And by every move I mean every bite, dab, and bathroom break along the way.

The first episode saw Bronson home from tour, discussing what it was like to continent hop as an opening act for Eminem.  Between bites of pasta and sips of malted milkshake we get a glimpse of how appreciative the Queens native is to get out into the world and share his art.  Episode two recaps a southern run of shows and gives us a birds eye view of the best BBQ and soul food below the Mason Dixon.   Shout out to Big Body.  Enjoy.

Heads Are Talking

Montreal’s Ought give me the chills.  Their noisy punk channels the energy of bands that rewrote history and have never stopped getting spins in my rotation.  The nervously calculated charm of The Talking Heads.  The rambunctious energy of Television.  The sucker punch of Fugazi.  It’s all front and center on More Than Any Other Day, their terrific debut.

More Than Any Other Day is brimming with angst; a tension that seems to boil and gather momentum as it charges on.  The record plays like rebellion as much as a celebration of art and youth.  Ironically, Ought is a pack of expatriates who studied in Montreal in the midst of a period of educational reform in 2012 that threatened a potential 75% hike in tuition fees.

The energy and passion is undeniable and downright scary for a band in its infancy.   Sink your teeth in.


Yelawolf- Honey Brown

Lately it seems that all my favorite artists are in holding patterns (see Stalley below).  Yelawolf is either another mad scientist tinkering with his upcoming album in seek of perfection, or simply the victim of a busy boss (thank you Rick, thank you Marshall).  Yela’s impressed us with a string of solid mixtapes, but nothing in the way of a full length since his Shady Records debut, Radioactive.

Click the link to hear “Honey Brown”, something new from the White Dog.  It’s another track clearly influenced by the rock and roll of Nashville, but it remains to be seen if it makes the final cut on Love Story, which apparently drops on the 10th of never.  Holler.


MMG’s Man Of The Year?

MMG’s roster is deep.  So stocked full of talent that a MC like Massillon Ohio’s Stalley is getting lost in the mix.  He’s working on his MMG debut, and has dropped a handful of critically acclaimed tapes, but the iron is hot and the strike doesn’t seem to be imminent.  We get tossed a lost track or a b-side here and there, but we’re not satisfied.  Rozay…let the man drop the heat already.

Stay tuned for Stalley’s highly anticipated debut.  In the meantime, here’s a recent clip for his “Man Of The Year” remix.

They Got Hella Hoes

Them Harlem boys are at it again.  This time it’s Rocky, Nast, Twelvy, and Ferg completely gassed up, letting you know just how many ladies they’re bringing aboard the SS A$AP after the show.

There’s not much for me to say as I patiently await the L.O.R.D. record to release.  Just know this…the Mob may have confused people as to what state they called home after their ace Rocky came with the screwed Texas sound on his first few projects.  But Nast’s “Trillmatic”, and Twelvy’s recent “Xscape” should silence that noise right quick.  Harlem is most definitely in the building.