West Coast Harmony

Tony Molina

Tony Molina is a busy dude…I bet his jobs have jobs.  He’s played in what feels like ten bands, and he’s finally gotten the itch to put out a solo record.  After fronting Ovens, singing for Caged Animal, playing in Sopors, and handling lead guitar for Violent Change, this San Fran hardcore vet takes a stab at brainy, melody-soaked indie rock on Dissed and Dismissed, his brief but nearly flawless debut.

The songs are steeped in two-part vocal and guitar harmonies that bring to mind early perfect Weezer .  There’s no room for error or much critique, as the entire record clocks in under the 15 minute mark.  Short or not, the songs are sensible, full of no-filler crunch, and sweet enough to play at your parents BBQ this Memorial Day weekend.  Enjoy.  And grab a copy of the record here http://www.slumberlandrecords.com/.


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