It’s Dipset, You Dipshits

It’s official…Dipset is reuniting.  Or maybe it’s not official and I’m completely full of shit?  Maybe it’s only in my dreams that the grittiest, most swaggingly oddball crew this side of Wu-Tang would put the money drama and beef aside long enough to reclaim the NY crown that’s so rightfully theirs.

Either way, Cam’s been working with A-Trak on the forthcoming Federal Reserve EP which has me feeling like a 6 year old on December 24th, and it’s almost here.  Today I caught the visuals for “Dipshits” and witnessed an instant classic.  Dancing in alleys.  Slow-mo ass shots. Harlem streets.  Dame Dash wilding like it’s 1999.  Juelz on the hook.

This right here makes me want to dust off my pink Timbs and post up.  Does anybody’s Nana have a full length mink I could borrow for the weekend?


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