So I Creep…

San Francisco trio Peace Creep make me jealous.  I imagine making their perfect kind of post punk racket when I’m hopping around my empty house with an air guitar flailing.  Their self-titled 6 song EP on Alternative Tentacles Records harbors similar sentiment to the noisy bands from their collective pasts (see Triclops! and Anywhere), but pushes into nervous new territory with a pissy Nirvana sense of urgency.

Peace Creep has much going for them in just over a year of existence; including (possibly) the best band name of all time, a killer debut, and an undeniable indie-rock pedigree.  Imagine Built To Spill playing Husker Du covers in a bowling alley during a reckless day drink session full of compromising situations and hella gutter balls…now you’re starting to get it.

Grab the EP from or iTunes, crack a can and increase the volume.  Happy Saturday.


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