Zachg Gets Over The Mountain

Zachg’s story is unparallelled in today’s music industry.  Sure, there are plenty of self-made celebrities, and rappers with fifteen minutes of fade, but Zachg’s the consummate DIY grinder; responsible for the creation of the Rad Reef and Mindcrate movements, as well as countless EP’s and collective releases showcasing a world of rappers who meander to the beat of drums you can’t hear without your ear turned towards the peace.

South.Florida.Mountains. is a luscious record that jumps from the speakers from second number one.  You’re front and center while Zachg figures shit out from the ground up; be it a bigoted boss, a battle of the bands, or a run in with the boys in blue.  South.Florida.Mountains. is a metaphoric crumble and climb of a life on the mend, told through wavy, zany tales of experiences from Florida to The Bay.

Ever the tinkering madman, Zachg is clearly concerned with quality.  The production throughout is crisp and dialed in.  It’s headphones rap for a mind in the clouds.  But beneath the haze is the struggle and eventual epiphany of an artist who is able to see the light at the end of the tunnel.  He’s not there yet, but truth be told, who is?  Conceptually intelligent and entirely a product in a stand alone lane, South.Florida.Mountains. is the sound of Zachg hitting his full-on stride.



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