The Graduate

Asher Roth- RetroHash

Asher Roth buried himself alive with his 2009 beer-ponging ode to Miller Lite, “I Love College”.  Since then Asher the rapper has worked hard to distance himself from the meteoric rise and eventual fizzling out of that one-off anthem.  His Greenhouse Effect Vol 2 and Pabst & Jazz projects aimed to keep the focus on the art rather than the gimmicky portrait his debut painted.

RetroHash, Roth’s sophomore release, is a record with no looming cloud of expectation hanging over its weird fucking head.  Asher and production team Blended Babies have cooked up a veritable stew of laid back gems where no two moments sound the same; ranging from the corny-chic “Tangerine Girl”, to “Dude”, a trademark bar for bar battle with Curren$y.  Hats off to newcomer Vic Mensa (been talking about him ’round these parts for a year) for smashing his feature on the sunny “Fast Life”.

Talk shit and he just might out rap you; criticize and he’ll flip the script and croon his way through the room like a pale-faced Kid Cudi.  This is the album Asher Roth fans were hoping for three years ago.  Los Angeles, good weed, and nothing left to prove serve him well…as we might have finally gotten a glimpse of the artist and the man on RetroHash. 

Wrap your head around this one…


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