Lace Up: Spring Edition

My city is melting and I love this time of year.  People creep out into the streets like the morning after the Zombies came and went; long scraggly beards, wincing at that weird bright spot in the sky.  Spring time means slow, calculated warmth and the realization I can finally reach into the closet and grab shoe boxes that I was afraid to look at for the past four months of snow and grey.

Here’s a couple of my favorite grabs from the winter.

The Nike ACG Air Alder is a dope shoe featuring grey suede with a few hits of orange and tons of rad little details.  I picked these up at Bodega in Boston a month ago, and have worn the hell out of them already.  ACG is built to last, so don’t be afraid to dirty these up.  My favorite part of this pair is the feel; super comfy on feet.

These mean bastards are the Jordan 3 Black Cement Flips.  They released in December of 2011, and sold out immediately.  They’re a 3 with the elephant print flipped to cover nearly the entire shoe.  You won’t appreciate the detail until this shoe is in your hand.  The sock liner and tongue are decked out in leather too.  So fresh and so clean.  If you’re willing to drop $300, you can grab a DS pair on eBay.

The Pine Foamposite is a shoe I loved, but never bothered with.  I have zero patience for camping out (I’m a grown up), or ticket raffles (I’m a grown up), so I passed on these when they initially released.  A few days ago I found a 9/10 pair on eBay for $150 and grabbed them.  The soles yellow over time, so they won’t look this crisp, but I plan to wear them until the heel peels off.

The Nike SB Stefan Janoski’s with the gum soul make me happy.  This is a clean, simple shoe for every day wear.  Lots of cool elements here…the grey/anthracite around the heel to match the swoosh, the gum sole, the black rounded laces, daddy likey.

Happy spring, and remember…you’re a free American.  If you want to spend your cash on shoes, so be it.  Rock what you like.


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