Look Out Below


Wolverines, the new record from NYC’s I Am The Avalanche is a study in growing up.  Health scares and divorce can do that to a leading man.  Vinny Caruana writes from the gut, but this time out he’s rounded off the rough edges by creating a textured second-person narrative.  His “you” might be her, might be you, might be him.  It’s a clever trick from a songwriter who’s made a career out of wearing his heart on his sleeve.

“177” and “The Shape I’m In” are blatant anthems; odes to hard times and possible redemption.  But once again, it’s left to you to decide who’s wearing the bulls eye. “Anna Lee” and ‘Two Runaways” ditch the angst for a more polished and calculated post-punk spin, while never managing to disrupt the sequencing rhythm.  The album wraps with the aptly titled “One Last Time”, which finds Caruana pondering his spirituality and mortality.  Thankfully, his very real and very common dilemmas are spilled into a mic for the rest of us to internalize.

Wolverines is the sound of a seasoned band, all tuned up.  Check them out at http://www.iamtheavalanchenyc.com/.



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