Here And Nowhere Else

Dylan Baldi was a saxophone major in college.  Then came Myspace, some fake band pages boasting very real songs, followed by the one man show he called Cloud Nothings.  Persuaded to recruit a full ensemble to bring the songs to life, Baldi pressed on with his new band in tow, and cranked out some of the most intuitive, blistering rock and roll Cleveland had seen in quite some time.

Cloud Nothings newest offering, Here And Nowhere Else, is slightly less factious than 2012’s Attack On Memory, yet is every bit as frantic.  There is an odd balance of power and grace in Baldi’s howl which dials up the frailty of Jeremy Enigk combined with the whiskey and broken glass charm of Saint Cobain.

The songs on Here And Nowhere Else are Baldi’s attempt at punk rock perfection.  The noise rings at the right moments, and the chorus’s are bashed out with jarring regularity.  Problem is, it’s simply smarter than your average 4/4 punk stomp.  Forget the time signatures and forget my bare bones synopsis.  Just put this record on and fucking turn it up.  Raw power for the here and now, and my early favorite of 2014.


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