The Dream Team

Fortunate kids get keys to their own whip at age 16.  Some get a job from a family member after graduation to help them jump start life.  J. Cole got his own imprint on his 29th birthday through a joint venture between Roc Nation and Interscope Records.   Cole will now have the chance to break his very own Dreamville team to the mainstream one project at a time.

Bas, Omen, and KQuick join Cole as the core of the Dreamville camp.  Instantly looking to make moves, their debut mixtape was launched this week on a brand new site, free of charge.  Bas comes with the heavy narrative flow akin to that of Cole and looks like a mini-Rozay, while Omen is more withdrawn, rapping inward like Ab-Soul.  “Lit” is in the running for my favorite song of the year, and it’s only February.

Click the link above for a download of Revenge Of The Dreamers.  Enjoy.


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