Double P

Misery breeds company, and if you’re from Syracuse, New York you stand behind that ethos.  Ironically, those grey cities harvest some of the most live wire acts in rock in roll.  Take Perfect Pussy for example.  They’re a noise-punk band from Cuse who employ crushing distortion and a wild live show to demand your attention.  I’m all ears.

Excuse me while I crush on front woman Meredith Graves.  Her wide-eyed take on life and love is washed in a shit storm of racket.  Their four song EP kicks off with a few seconds of bent strings, then rips the walls down.  The tracks are titled with puzzlingly simple Roman numerals, and never let up.  Perfect Pussy’s debut, Say Yes To Love, is scheduled for a March 18 release.  The best new band in the business is officially on the radar.

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