Chicago Fire

Punk rock is a hot topic.  Too much melody is a sin.  Liberty spikes and patched up denim jackets don’t carry the weight they once did.  There was a time when you had to bite your tongue during a discussion of your favorite bands because there could be an officer of the punk police lurking in the shadows to shame you for the Blink 182 pin on your backpack.  Six albums in, The Lawrence Arms couldn’t care less who or what you think is punk rock rock.

Metropole is set to drop on January 28th, and it’s a stellar bike cruise through the dust of a Chicago summer.  From abandoned buildings to trips around the globe, The Lawrence Arms have toured the spectrum of experience and bring that slice of reality to their music.  There’s enough grit for the purists, and plenty of sap for the soft core kids who need a chorus for their broken dreams. Enjoy.


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