The Odd Sea

Oddisee is a DC producer who double times his board work with superior stints on the mic.  His 2012 debut, People Hear What They Seeremains in constant rotation, not for its blinding creativity or its genre bending beats, but for its complete and utter honesty.  Oddisee is making a career of speaking freely.  He’s not traveling the world as a millionaire jet-setter; he’s simply making a living off art pure and true.

With two projects currently in circulation, the instrumental The Beauty In All, and the mixtape Tangible Dream, 2014 is going to keep Oddisee a busy man.  He raps with a confidence that makes your favorite street MC feel like an amateur.  He’s trying to get his in real time.  Each release is finer than the last and fueled by the scenes in his rear view mirror.  Support Oddisee’s hustle at



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