Best Of 2013 by AJ Suede

AJ Suede

As we wrap another 365 days at Shiny Glass Houses we’re kicking off the year-end posts with a special guest list from producer/rapper and all around good dude, AJ Suede.  The Suede God has been down with SGH from the jump, so when AJ offered his opinions on 2013, we had no choice but to listen and share.  Read and spread the word.  Trolls, leave comments below.

10. A$AP Rocky – LongLiveASAP:  I almost forgot this album because it leaked at the very end of 2012, but it was solid nonetheless.  Rocky and Yams always put together an excellent beat selection to pair with the rhymes.  Standout tracks: LVL, 1 Train, Fashion Killa, Jodye, Angels, and Wild for the Night (only because it was the soundtrack to a million early 2013’s parties).

9. Danny Brown – Old:  Always looking forward to a Danny Brown release.  You can expect a fusion of genres and witty lyrics to compliment the backdrop.  I don’t replay this album so much, but it was a solid listen from front to back.  Half boom bap and half EDM trap.  Standout tracks: Old, Wonderbread, Lonely, Clean Up, Dope Song, Dubstep, Dope Fiend Rental.

8. Tyler, the Creator – Wolf:  I anticipated this album for a while.  And even though it didn’t get as much play on my iPod as I would have hoped…every Tyler album is a completely different experience.  This project gets hella points for originality and its production.  Standout tracks: Cowboy, Slater, 48, Campfire (due to an appearance from Ms. Sadlier of stereolab), Parking Lot, and Rusty.

7. Denzel Curry – Nostalgic 64:  This album is raw and dark as fuck.  I don’t really feel the need to say more.  Standout tracks: Dark and Violent, Mystical Virus 3, Parents, Threatz, N64.

6. Kid Cudi – Indicud:  Indicud doesn’t stand out to me as much as other Cudi albums, but it gets number 5 on this list because I always catch myself listening to it while I drive.  Much props to Cudi for handling the production as well.  I’m still waiting on Man on the Moon 3 though.  Standout tracks: Red Eye, Young Lady, Just What I Am, Beez

5. Da Mafia 6ix – 6ix Commandments:  Most fans of the original Triple 6 Mafia were excited when DJ Paul announced that the original members (minus Juicy J of course) were in the studio working on new material.  Seeing how Triple Six has a large shadow of influence over the game, it was great to hear them rework some of their classic tracks into modern sounding versions.  This also marks the last time we’ll hear the late Lord Infamous on a full length album with his bandmates.  Standout tracks: Break Da Law, Murder on My Mind, Go Hard, Stash Spot

4. Earl Sweatshirt – Doris:  One of the most highly anticipated albums of the last couple years.  True Wolf Gang fans were ecstatic when Earl returned home from his stint in Samoa, waiting to see the maturity and progression in his subject matter.  Like I expected, there weren’t rhymes about rape and other shit like his previous album.  Instead we got a series of introspective and personal songs cloaked in serious wordplay and great lyricism.  Earl also handled some of the production which makes the album more enjoyable.  Standout tracks: A good listen from start to finish.

3. James Blake – Overgrown:  It’s hard to explain this album.  It’s a great post-dubstep/PBR&B effort with mind blowing instrumentation and singing. Unlike anything I ever heard, which is expected for a James Blake album.  Well deserving of its Mercury Prize.  Standout tracks:  Another good listen from start to finish.

2. Death Grips – Government Plates:  The type of loud earth shattering shit you expect from MC Ride, Zach Hill and Flatlander.  This is the type of music that makes me feel like I can fight anybody; it gives me the bravery of Ned Stark in Kings Landing. It gives me the bravery of Trevor Phillips from GTA V.  If you’re searching for an explosive punk-rap album that will rattle your subwoofer, this is it.  Standout tracks: You might think he loves you for your money but I know what he really loves you for it’s your brand new leopard skin pillbox hat, Two Heavens, Birds and I’m Overflow.

1. Kanye West – Yeezus:  I love when people hate on this album.  I understand that my opinion is my own, but disliking Yeezus shows the lack of diversity in people’s music taste.  This album is a piece of art, 10 tracks, straight killer and no filler.  Reading the albums liner notes shows how many people contributed to the album, which makes it hard for me to understand the how much work was put into the creative process.  —–

Thanks to AJ for his contribution, and be sure to follow him on twitter @ajSUEDE.  Check his visuals and sounds at


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