Step Into A World

Chicago’s Auggie the 9th has been working on GAWS for a hot minute.  It’s a slick, picture perfect glimpse into the mind of one oddly cool customer; and it’s worth the wait.  Sure, you might need to hit Wikipedia once or twice to make sense of the rapid fire references.  But even if we’re not in on the joke, the record simply bangs.

The production is textured and realized, which helps GAWS pack its things and move from a standard mixtape into a roomy debut space.  The majority of GAWS finds Auggie flexing his wit, which is his most dangerous weapon.  When it’s time to create he’s able to reach into that brilliantly cluttered mind and piece together songs with heart and soul, from a place that seems entirely his own.  “FREAKAZOID” and “GWS” speak loudly, in completely strange tongues.

GAWS is a true gem.  Chicago hip hop continues to impressively push things forward.  Hats off to the Treated Crew, and shouts out to Buttplay A.S.

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