90’s Everlasting…


Most of the criticism aimed at the A$AP Mob is centered around their lack of NY appeal.  They’ve never been much on the boom bap sound, and their leader is wrapped in more designer threads than a Project Runway castoff.  I can see why people judge.  Rocky does his thing, but in all fairness he sounds more like a Houston double cup sipper than he does an uptown Harlem MC.

Today’s pick from the A$AP Mob features Nast going toe to toe with Mr. MEF himself.  The Wu legend packs his verse in tightly between two rounds from Nast, who is rhyming on this one like he’s got something to prove.  It’s all New York, from the slow zoom up the project walkway to the crew shots with pool sticks and 40’s.  Nothing wrong with a little nostalgia now and then.  Old heads…rejoice, A$AP.


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