Dude? Bro?


ShowYouSuck is the Rad God.  It’s true.  His DIY PMA vibe is practically contagious, and his new EP is the type of record that will have you subconsciously rooting for the perpetual underdog. Dude Bro goes for broke while simultaneously leaving the pizza party in the rear view.  The production knocks all over the map, and the raps are as unpredictable and clever as ever.

Show doesn’t seem content to rehash sounds from his catalog.  He’s nerding out to the max on this 6 song set, which sets him apart from the heap.  He’s climbing closer to the spotlight on the strength of bangers like “Miami Hotline” featuring P.O.S, and “All Wavy Everything” which dials back the hip hop heroics for a master chill out session, minus the narcotic push.

Get the Dude Bro EP on iTunes tonight, and thank me tomorrow.

Show is so awesome…


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