Welcome To The Game


Isaiah Rashad’s in a unique situation.  The Chattanooga, Tennessee rapper is the newest member of the TDE family, which may be equal parts a blessing and a curse.  Seems you can’t go a day without hearing the chatter about Kendrick Lamar.  Be it the “Control” verse, reactions to it, diss records about it, writers breaking it down…only a matter of time before the talk mutes the art.

It’s nice to see some of that attention shift to the newcomer.  Rashad’s hometown pride is all over his first official release, “Shot You Down”.  Set in a housing project with boarded up windows and overgrown grass; the domino game is heated, the OE tallboys sweat in the sun, and the Caddy rims are gaudy and shining.

His flow is more Jay Rock than K. Dot, which suits me fine.  His cadence shifts as quickly as his mood, giving us a slight glimpse into the mind of a young man whose sole priority is killing the mic.


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