Lovely Rita…

Songs are from the soul, born from the silent moments that evolve into hooks and melodies.  They’re the answers artists spend months searching for.  Eddie Caine’s latest tape, patron Rita, is an audio canvas depicting the sort of musical evolution we’re living through; a collection of songs that when listened to as a whole, paint a painfully raw picture.

Caine tosses his moods off the wall like Jackson Pollack, littering twelve tracks with splattered sentiments that take a few listens to piece together.  He used to love Rita, but somewhere along the way his vision blurred.  Maybe she stopped putting in the work she used to?  Maybe she’s too open, allowing any clown to clown her?  Maybe he’s too faded to fake it?  The foundation is cracked, and we’re riding shotgun while Caine breaks it down bar by bar.

patron Rita pays homage to the great NY rap records that have come before it.  Clever samples and nods to the Bad Boy era of the 90’s set the tone, teamed with Caine’s flow, which boasts the style and grace of BIG with Freeway’s anxious urgency,   The project is packed with story telling, reminiscing, and good old fashioned lyricism.

Every grown person has a patron Rita lingering uncomfortably in the rear view.  Eddie Caine managed to capture the tightrope act of looking back and pressing on with a passion that begs for attention.  By blurring the lines of art and romance, you’ll have to decide if patron Rita wears bamboo earrings and a belly shirt, or if she’s simply the culture we grew up loving disappearing in the wind one digital moment at a time.   Pour me another.


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