Zombies Don’t Recognize Order


Flatbush Zombies came with D.R.U.G.S. a year ago and flicked the switch on a spotlight aimed at the cellar dwellars and the kids on the wall.  They’re not looking for acceptance, though they may become the voice of a mind-altered generation.  Tabs, bags, pills, and bottles are on the menu for their follow up, Better Off Dead, and we’re invited to sample the goods.

The highly anticipated Better Off Dead ushers the Brooklyn trio into slightly more familiar territory.  The production is warmer, boom-bappier, and entirely more accessible this time around.  With a rich palette of sounds behind them, Meechy, Juice and producer/mc Erick Ark Elliot are able to show and prove on the mic, something that might catch you off guard.  We’re dealing with three rapping-ass rappers.

Sure, there’s full fledged substance abuse throughout this 19 song collection, but it never borders on Charlie Sheen cheesy.  Rather than beat you over the head with a drug plate, the Zombies weave their recreational hobbies into the fabric of storytelling.   Better Off Dead is new-school psychedelic flower power for the ghetto.  Now lets watch it unfold.

Download the tape here http://thegloriousdead.com/


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