Riding Dirty

photo by Peter Marquez http://www.petercmarquez.com

Beers.  Bikes.  The freedom of the open road.  It’s all front and center on “Let the Black Horse Ride”, the first single from BROTHERS sophomore release, Volume II.  Just when the sting was wearing off from their badass debut, they come roaring back into the picture with a slice of pure rock and roll debauchery.  The organ rings, the riffs are heavy, and the bass will make you Mick Jagger your way to the fridge for another ice cold can.

BROTHERS is a reminder that rock and roll doesn’t demand Pro Tools and eyeliner to knock you on your ass.  These guys were born as free as you and I, except they’re not afraid to put it to tape.  Go ahead and open the throttle or put the pedal to the floor.  Regardless of how you’re cruising, “Let the Black Horse Ride” will guarantee that you can’t drive fifty-five.

Grab the track for free at http://brothersnyc.com/blackhorse/

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