This Is How We Chill…

93 ‘Til Infinity is one record I never get tired of.  As a young man, there was nothing more liberating than listening to hip hop in a place and time when it was still too abstract to be fully accepted, yet too cool not to notice.  I let the tapes rock, ’til the tapes popped…and certain songs stuck with me.  They burrowed through my headphones and took up residence in my psyche.  Souls Of Mischief managed that feat with damn near every track on their twenty year old classic.

To celebrate it’s 20th birthday, Souls granted remix/production wiz Gummy Soul the chance to toy with the record for the first time.  Armed with the acapellas from the legendary album, he went into the lab and cooked up a nostalgic new set of hits borrowing from the funk, jazz, and soul records sampled heavily in the early 90’s.  Pure gold is an understatement.

Hearing this “new” classic is a like playing a game of name that tune.  The beat hits and you instantly try and place the sample.  From Dre and Snoop to Black Moon, every familiar sound from the 90’s seems fair game on 93 still.  It’s another quality project from Gummy Soul, and a tribute to one of California’s most iconic hip hop groups in history.  Stream and download below.  Enjoy.


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