Queens Is The Place

World’s Fair from thesource.com

Indie crews and internet sensations come and go in the rap game, but where are the new kings?  Who’s going to cash in AND stick around?  World’s Fair is poised to answer those questions, one banger at a time.  Bastards Of The Party, free via http://www.foolsgoldrecs.com, is a glimpse into a wild night in Queens, and it’s pure fire.

Nasty Nigel, Lanksy Jones, and Remy Banks write and record as Children Of The Night.  They join Jeff Donna, Cody B. Ware, and Prince SAMO to form World’s Fair.  Crews are a touchy subject.  More often than not a team is only as strong as its weakest link.   Thankfully, each MC in World’s Fair channels his inner Charles Oakley throughout Bastards to drop bench-clearing bars.   The record manages to register on the new era boom-bap meter without wearing the cheesy throwback crown. 

World’s Fair are an interesting bunch.  They don’t boast about super stardom or piles of cash because they haven’t made it yet.  They’re making waves on the strength of their art, letting the path unfold as they go.  Bastards Of The Party is a record you should spin from end to end.  Take a backseat with the crew as they hit the corner liquor store, the party, the escape, and the car ride home.  Buckle up,

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