Raptum’s Delight


Today’s fix comes from Leyton, London, England.  If you question whether hip hop can transcend regional and national boundaries, I bring you Raptum of the D.O.O.R. collective.  I stumbled on the video for “Hear The Sirens” last week via Twitter and his debut project, The Rorschach Test,  has been on rewind since.

London’s hungry, young  MC’s soak up global influences and turn them into grimy, personal long-playing soundtracks.  Raptum tackles life, love, and the weight of the world through his unique lens on The Rorschach Test. He’s at his best when utilizing a rapid-fire delivery to destroy the beat.  He spits like a Cockney Lupe on the soulful “Peace”, and channels his inner Common on “Psalm 23: Christmas Rainbow”.   Most impressive is the sequencing of the tape, leaving you with the feeling of an album rather than a freebie.

Only 18 years young, Raptum’s clearly a student of hip hop.  He brought a solid debut to the table with The Rorschach Test, and I’m anticipating more fire as he readies his next project.  Grab the tape for free at http://www.hotnewhiphop.com/raptum-the-rorschach-test-mixtape.69337.html, and follow him on Twitter @raptum_.  No sleeping kid, you’re officially on the radar.

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