Picasso, Maybe?


Even after two decades in the game, Jay Z continues to redefine cool.  He launched the promo spots for his latest record, Magna Carta Holy Grail, during timeouts of the NBA finals.  He sold a million copies to Samsung, then watched as a phone app released the record to subscribers.  Recently, he took to the Pace Gallery in Manhattan to recreate the single, “Picasso Baby”.

Jay understands the kinship between music and art.  Rather than take to the streets and film a standard video, he filled the gallery with fans and famous faces, while performing the track live.  Cameras caught every move, and smile.  Not only is this performance art, but there’s actual participation from the ecstatic audience, making the shoot fun and hands-on rather than a hushed set.

This is another unique angle from Jay Z, a man and artist who has continued to evolve as time passes.  Rapper turned executive.  Team owner to sports agent.  He’s not a businessman, he’s a business, man.  Real talk.


One thought on “Picasso, Maybe?

  1. I read a cool article about this in New York magazine…loved how he turned even the skeptic of a journalist into a Jay Z believer with his 6 hours of the same song. Pretty dope.

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