Maybe He Doesn’t Wanna?

Where oh where has Asher Paul Roth been hiding?  Since his Pabst & Jazz tape he’s been awfully quiet.  I’ve always speculated that while Roth is a true MC, he was pigeonholed by the success of “I Love College”.  Team that rush of success with his management’s involvement in the explosion of Justin Bieber, and you find a solid rapper lost in the shuffle.  Asher boasts a dense, technical style that fans of the genre appreciate.  Problem is, the labels wanted a “College” sequel, and Roth?  He’s just not into standing in place.

Artists capture moments in time when they write and record music.  Asher has done some traveling, a little touring, and sparse recording the past few years, leading us to right now.  Asher has once again teamed with DJ Drama and Don Cannon to bless us with The Greenhouse Effect, Vol. 2, a sequel five years in the making.

Asher is back on his rapping shit.  He’s playing with internal rhyme schemes, fun beats, and doing what he does best.  His quirky personality can be a flaw in a game where you have to create a persona to succeed, but that’s what I enjoy the most about Asher Roth.  He’s making a career out of rhyming for sport, not for a rep.  GHE2 is packed full of puzzling bars, tongue in cheek references, and clever samples.  Time off was time well spent.  Welcome back Asher.


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