Mac Miller: Live at Upstate Concert Hall 7/20/2013

Mac Miller and his Space Migration tour came to Clifton Park, NY on July 20th behind his new record, Watching Movies With The Sound Off.  The bill featured California upstart Vince Staples, and Odd Future band The Internet.

I’d love to tell you Vince Staples showcased his tough, no bullshit flow and rocked the sold out house, but the line was so long and disorganized outside the venue that he finished before we got inside.  From what I heard, his DJ kept it live, and the crowd was involved.

Once inside, we bellied up to the bar for our first round of drinks.  The Internet was next up.  Their attempt to rock like the left coast Roots was a tragedy.  Odd Future DJ Syd The Kyd leads this ensemble, and does her best to be a worthy front woman.  But there’s a slight glitch in the operating system, Syd can’t sing.  Really.  Thankfully, time only allowed five or six songs.

Mac hit the stage to the roar of a rabid teenage crowd.  To the dismay of the venue’s security, bass hit in unison with the fog and strobes, triggering a wave of smashing bodies and blunt smoke.  Mac did cuts from Kids, Macadelic, and Watching Movies, while not surprisingly skipping most of Blue Slide Park.  He controlled the crowd like a pro, showcasing his ability not only as an MC, but as a showman.  He made up for the absence of Chance The Rapper (whose website claimed he was in fact on this date of the tour) by rapping his ass off.  The kid went all the way live and gave 100 percent for nearly two hours, including stints on the mic AND the guitar.  Frat boy rapper.  One trick pony.  That’s the shit Mac don’t like.

If nothing more, Mac Miller proved his career is headed wherever he steers it.  If Watching Movies With The Sound Off is any indication, doubters should take Mac seriously.  His new record and energizing live set is one of the more exciting things to happen in hip hop this year.

Check out “Watching Movies” from Mac’s new record.  It’s  hard to knock his independent hustle.


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