Run Your Shit!?!

El-P and Killer Mike want you to put your hands in the air.  You can wave them side to side, but they’re not trying to rock the crowd…they’re trying to snatch your chain.  Run The Jewels is a collaboration that’s been in the works since El produced Mike’s R.A.P. Music record last year.  The chemistry on R.A.P. Music was vibrant.  Violent.  Imminent.  This time out, the grime is at an all time high, and the science of sound is through the roof.

El’s sonic slant is bordering on futuristic, but it never gets far enough from Co. Flow that you forget where he came from.   On the flip side, Mike seems comfortable on any beat you serve him.  It just so happens he’s become the Snoop to El Producto’s Dre, complimenting each other amidst a maze of thick bass and more computer blips and beeps that a dial-up modem.  An email trade at gets you this monster for free.  Do it.

Nerds like me can head to the Fools Gold merch store and cop the limited colored vinyl.


2 thoughts on “Run Your Shit!?!

  1. Always had a real hard time with El-P’s raps. Like his beats a lot. But this is all around great and I’m definitely gonna look into this Killer Mike gentleman as well.

    Dude, your site is cool. Thanks for reminding me that there’s new music being released every day.

    • Thanks man. I’m glad you like it. I’m pretty into music every day, so I’m always liking different sounds I happen to come across. Read and share!

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