Come And Get Some

As promised, today I bring you musical cinema from the one and only Macrophonic MC.  This man has flows for days, and by the looks of this fantastic clip, he’s got the skills to throw his hands as easily as he doubles and triples up his metaphors.  “Who Want This” is from the Commusication full length which dropped earlier this year.  As fun as the video is, what’s entirely undeniable is Macrophonic’s knack for piling on the technical prowess.  He’s as comfortable delivering bar after bar as he is dodging haymakers and knocking out menacing thugs.  It’s the perfect blend of hip hop, martial arts, and comedy.  Trust me, the video will answer all of your questions.  Remember, if done right…none can defend.  Check him out on twitter @MacrophonicMC.


3 thoughts on “Come And Get Some

  1. You man that video was beast last night and now that were the world can see tha sky is tha limits………..northsideeeeeeee Ghosttown

  2. If anybody is just finding out about Macrophonic MC check out his group too “The Mighty Vader Clan” with Mic Lanny & thagodzombie. I got nothin but love for this dude, he definitely keeps the flows coming and is always working on his craft.

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