The Art Of Storytelling

Once the chef for the New York Mets in his hometown of Flushing Queens, then bedridden with a broken leg, the oddball wordsmith known as Action Bronson is making serious noise in the fickle industry of mainstream hip hop.  Signed to Vice/Warner Brothers records and pumping out free projects by the handful,  Action is smoking his body weight in backwoods and poised to be the very biggest (no pun intended) MC in the game.

He’s worked with Statik Selektah on Well Done, the Alchemist on Rare Chandeliers, and Brooklyn’s Party Supplies on Blue Chips, all while managing to have no commercial sales or singles under his belt.  Seems as if he’s finally come to his senses with the release of Saab Stories , the long-awaited EP with Harry Fraud, by attaching a modest price tag.  How many quality tapes does one rapper have to drop before realizing the iron is scorching hot, and there’s no time like right now to strike?

Saab Stories is a tricky and addictive amuse-bouche from the portly King of Queens.  At a mere seven songs, it ends before you really get a full belly.  But the focus is quality over quantity.  Fraud is a music man.  His production touches down all over the map, from the 90’s throwback of “Strictly 4 My Jeeps”, to “Seven Series Triplets”, a classic reboot of the posse flexing we’ve come to know and love from NYC.  Fraud’s laissez faire approach behind the boards is perfect for a wandering MC like Action.  There’s no boundaries, just a thick smear of wax and a recording booth.  The future is bright, and you’ve been warned.


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