Building A Team

TriState, Planet Asia and Killer Ben are California’s Durag Dynasty, and they’re armed with a notebook that weighs a ton.  Their rock solid debut, 360 Waves, dropped in March and had some glossy mags hailing it as the “36 Chambers” of right now.  I played the whole record from end to end.  When it finished I spun it again.  I dig the vibe.  I’m enamored by the production, and the MC’s flex skills.   But 36 Chambers?  I want what those editors are smoking.

In a sense, 360 is certainly a throwback record in that it bangs like the 90’s, tosses wordplay around like lawn darts, and happens to catch the Alchemist in his production prime.  But it’s not just another “return to boom bap” record.  It’s a project that sounds crafted with the intention to provide the simultaneous soundtrack to both a west coast pool party and a beat down in a Brownsville project hallway.

This is the type of record I grew up listening to while playing NBA Live 98, rolling something up from a stash kept in a Timberland box top.  It’s a pleasure to rock “Fish Meat” featuring Prodigy of Mobb Deep or the subtle mind fuck of “Shooters”, which might have more grime than a Jeru The Damaja b-side.  The Dynasty is definitely in the building… Bring the flaps out.


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