The Hook Up

French Montana is an acquired taste.  His hook-heavy, sing-song style is something you either bump or you skip…simple as that.  Some MC’s hone their craft, locking themselves in the studio perfecting a particular sound, while others like French hop on every feature they can.  The rap world is a fickle place, and it seems that French understands that you have to strike while the iron is hot. So he strikes, and strikes, and strikes some more.

Excuse My French has been in the works a long while.  It’s been pushed back, retooled, gossiped about, and finally leaked.  Unfortunately, the results vary.  Montana had a vision for this record.  He aimed to make as many bangers as possible.  He shot to make every song unforgettable, loading up on the features, penning the catchiest hooks imaginable and hoping cars would turn it up from May to December.  Problem is, it’s so fine tuned and packed with superstar moments, it’s hard to separate the gems from the garbage.

The hits are there, see “Freaks” (doesn’t everybody wear a mink vest to the club?) and “Fuck What Happens Tonight”.  The hooks are plenty, as it doesn’t get any better than the egocentric “Ballin” featuring Diddy, the man who put hubris on the map.  But most of it doesn’t add up.

After a string of hot mixtapes and more features than you count, French Montana has mega-star status in his sights.  This effort, though ambitious as it might be, isn’t his defining moment.  It feels more like a star-studded Funk Flex freebie than a debut full-length.  But, if his track record is any indication, there’s already another helping of Mac & Cheese in the oven.



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