The Grown Up Table

Vampire Weekend make a living writing ironic pop songs that somehow convince us they’re made for our lies and loves.  While New York City can swallow you whole, their brand of cutesy afro-pop chirps just loud enough to fill your earphones and melt big city anxiety away.

Back in 2008, their Columbia sensibilities shook you like the first time you heard a Paul Simon record; you loved the risk, but there was nothing to fear.  For an hour at a time, Vampire Weekend made you the star of your own Wes Anderson film.

Tomorrow Vampire Weekend will release their third record,  Modern Vampires Of The City.  Thankfully, it’s all grown up and it happened in the most organic way.  Modern Vampires sounds like it was born and raised in NYC.  It’s full of love and lust, ducking between downtown highrises and steam-filled alleys.  Of course the brand is completely in tact, but this time the band stretched its legs and experimented with sound.

New poise doesn’t mean an entirely new bag of tricks.  The record plays with a maturity many expected on 2010’s Contra.  At a touch over forty-two minutes,  Modern Vampires Of The City is a triumphant statement.

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