Lurking Quietly…

I like time to myself.  Some people are afraid of that buzzing in their ears, or those early morning one sided conversations you have when motoring around the house.  For me, those are some of my most productive moments.  The Quiet Life seems to embody that spirit in their hats, tees and cut & sew. They popped up on my radar last summer; a clever streetwear brand using photography as their lynchpin.  According to the folks at The Quiet Life, happiness is a loaded camera, and in that silent space is where you carve out your niche.

Their site boasts plenty of classy tees and crew necks, but most impressive is their line of five panels and snapbacks.  Oxford prints, galaxy themes, Hawaiian chicks.  If you can imagine it, they probably have a print to match.  The catch is the nonchalance.  The company has been “on and off since ’97”, when founder Andy Mueller started playing with designs inspired by BMX, music mags and his own photography.  He splits time between designing for Girl Skateboards, The Quiet Life and even running OhioGold, a small indie music label.

Take a few minutes and browse, but you may want to leave your credit card in the other room.  You’ve been warned.


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