Accidents Happen

Nashville punks Diarrhea Planet have the most unfortunate name in rock and roll, which is exactly why it’s so god damn perfect.  They bash the hell out of their instruments and yell into the mic as if to warn us against taking life so seriously.  They shout like it’s last call and they’re third back when it’s three deep.  They rejoice like music might actually be able to save your soul, one Charmin roll at a time.  Loose Jewels has been spinning nearly nonstop in my world for the past week, and rightfully so.

SXSW has come and gone.  Errbody and their mom hit Austin this year with fully charged iPhones and Bandcamp links burning holes in their pockets.  Buzz bands.  Hot rappers.  EDM.  You name it.  Since I’m stuck in the miserably cold Northeast for 8 months of the year, I was rock-blocked from attending, but that’s OK.  I read, read and read some more and the name that keeps bombarding my eyes is, Diarrhea Planet.

It’s rock and roll with a party punk spirit, heavy in the vein of Against Me minus the wig.  By time you’ve heard the entire record rip by in just a touch over 18 minutes, you’re hungry for more.  If you can get past their dry-heave inducing moniker, take a chance on Loose Jewels while keeping your eyes peeled for their next LP coming in May on Infinity Cat Records.


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