Country Fresh

Yelawolf didn’t come with his A-game on Radioactive,  his Shady Records debut.  He was working with new producers, under the gun from Interscope execs to make radio hits, and sequenced a final product that played like a botched science experiment.  The record was up and down, pop-tinged yet still gutter, leaving fans of 2010’s Trunk Muzik unsure of white dog’s direction.

Heart Of Dixie was a tape meant to right the ship following Radioactive’s lukewarm reception.  It took us deep inside the mind of a man with a curious angle, but where was his lane?  What would set him apart from every other rapid fire southern MC?  The answer was a few solid collaborations with Ed Sheeran on Slumdon Bridge, and Travis Barker on Psycho White, proving he felt most at home when flexing his punk rock muscles.

Trunk Muzik Returns is country music bleeding through the futuristic lens of a kid who’s world revolved around classic rap records, skateboards and trailer park curbs.  Dipped a in a codeine glaze of southern funk and set outside in the Alabama sun to crisp like roadkill, it’s a weird and wild walk in the shoes of a man following his very own Slumerican Dream.  Grab it at


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