Rap Game Ryan Adams


In the early 2000’s, New York singer/songwriter Ryan Adams was dropping records like he was terminally ill.  I was always amazed by the quality of his quantity.  I feel the exact same way about Curren$y.  I honestly don’t think there’s a harder working rapper in the game than Spitta Andretti.  His projects are timely, polished and creep with such blatant familiarity that you can’t mistake them.

This week saw the release of New Jet City, his first release of 2013.  Confidence has never been a problem for Spitta, but nowadays it’s actually oozing from the speakers.  There are very few rappers that can ride a beat like this.  “Sixteen Switches Part 2” and “Living For The City” are classic Curren$y.  They’re spacey, dense and almost demand you put something in the air.

Admittedly, I used to believe his music was simply crafted for smoke sessions, but it’s not just weed rap.  Deducing a sound this complex to such commonality is criminal.   There’s an entire culture bouncing down city streets in cars of all makes and models pledging allegiance to the mighty Jet Life General.

Grab this one at http://www.datpiff.com.  Enjoy.


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