Happy Holidays

Lights in the park, Albany NY, courtesy of timesunion.com

I hope you all have peaceful, rest-filled few days with the family and friends you love.  Let it be filled with good eats, a few gifts and laughter.  We are tested every day by stress and tension.  Try and let these few days pass without that pressure on your shoulders.

A massive thank you for reading and rocking with me this past year. Music is truly exciting again, and I hope I’m giving you all what you search for. I plan to post a few year-end lists in the next few days so you can wow your friends with your eclectic tastes during your New Year’s party mixtape planning…

Today, I leave you with a holiday jam from Lili K, a soulful Chicago singer doing her thing.  This video and track helped me realize this week isn’t about chasing down the perfect presents or the right color bow.  It’s about being near the people who mean the most to you.  Follow her at @lilikjazz and check her out at www.likikmusic.com.


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