Cool Like Dat

Sene is a Brooklyn MC who couldn’t care less about signaling his intent.  He doesn’t bash you over the head with corny metaphors and Louis bags full of money.  Instead, this crafty poet opts for clever, dense wordplay over jazzy, eclectic beats.  Beats for brunch.  Beats with such a chill vibe, they almost retreat backwards towards the corners of your mind.  He teams those beats with lyrics that reflect life, and that life consists of Brooklyn spots that only a local might recognize.  This is electric relaxation for right this second.

Brooklyknight is a record packed with spacy, haunting jaunts into the mind of a young man swimming upstream in a giant city full of echoing sirens and the blurred yellow smear of cabs blasting past you at 90 miles an hour.  From the opening note of “The Feel Reel”, you get the sense this is something different.  It’s another perfect example of what’s beautiful about hip hop right now.  Sene is making records that reflect what he feels, which used to scare people.  But now it’s simply part of the fabric of a once dying now vibrantly alive independent landscape of hip hop artists truly comfortable in their own skin.

I hear the buzz buzzing, but something tells me Sene isn’t really concerned with the blastoff.  Get your hands on Brooklyknight and a good set of headphones.  As soon as that lighter flicks, you’ll be off looking for your wallet in El Segundo.

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