Rare Breed

Rare Chandeliers is the newest release from Queens kitchen-poet Action Bronson.  It’s bizarre and twisted, not to mention entirely produced by The Alchemist.  If you’ve been listening to this guy over the last year, you’ve been witness to a rising star.  His rhymes are densely layered, Zagat rated puzzles, bordering on the hilarious and absurd.  From the dinner table to women, the x-rated dreams to the sticky weed, Rare Chandeliers is a fully realized record.  And I still can’t believe it’s free.

There’s not a lot to report here.  It’s simply Bronson at his best.  He’s sipping red and hitting the pen at the dinner table, and the results are perfect.  Guest spots from Mayhem Lauren, Roc Marciano, Schoolboy Q and Sean Price add to the label debut feel of the project, but it’s Bronson’s trademark conversational flow that draws you in.  While you’ve probably never had duck risotto or experienced a night with a Spanish hooker, you can still relate.  Action says so, and for some reason we listen.  Start with his Blue Chip tape with Party Supplies and go from there.  But I’d get his music downloaded before the free links up and disappear.  Someone’s going to offer this guy a whole lot of money sometime soon.


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