Deep Psychosis

There are plenty of reasons to dislike Yelawolf.  But claiming the Alabama freak show can’t spit is just plain ignorant.   He’s been under the radar, but anyone following his trajectory recognizes the logic in the pairing of Yela and Slim Shady.  After a string of solid releases including his Trunk Muzik mixtape in 2010 and last year’s wavy Radioactive, he and longtime Blink-182 drummer Travis Barker locked themselves in the lab and concocted a batch of oddball tracks appropriately tagged, Psycho White.

Whether it’s the bromantic  “Push ‘Em” or Tim Armstrong’s reggae roots “6 Feet Underground”, Yelawolf does what he does best, rip the mic while his Beasties flag flies high.  He’s a menace throughout the EP’s messy five tracks, alternating flows like Barker varies his drum patterns.  It’s as fun as it is unpredictable and especially refreshing for Barker whose kiddie-punk past has long run its course.  2013 might be Yelawolf’s year as there’s a few projects on his plate, one of which is mixtape with his country cousin, Big KRIT.  Here’s to wishful thinking.



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