Are you there God? It’s me Hiphop

Northern Lights keep doing their thing. Project after project, they’re making the kind of hiphop that sticks. Three tapes in a row is impressive, especially when we’re rained on by the soundcloud on a daily basis. While none of it is forgettable, it has to click for me to come back. This particular Connecticut crew keeps dropping batches of songs that seem inherently raw, yet more familiar each time I press play. I got my hands on Dear God 3 a few days ago just in time to realize how much I miss De La Soul.

It doesn’t seem to matter where your from or what I think. Northern Lights make tracks that feel familiar. Not to you, because you’re in their hazy world once the record begins. It’s foggy but not overwhelming. There are no goofy punchlines, few unworthy boasts and no absolutely no filler on Dear God 3. It’s a tape meant to be played at comfortable levels in a room full of friends. “Satchmo” and “Clear Your Mind” float on with no regard for your pulse. There’s some story telling and well-placed nods to Redman and Ice Cube which are both nostalgic and funny, but there’s never a moment to lose interest.

I’d say get on board, but I feel like most of you probably are.


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