Even The Score


It’s refreshing to listen to hardcore music every now and again.  It gives me a chance to harken back to a time in my life when everything felt like the center of a pit.  And even though I don’t throw nearly as many elbows as I once did, bands like Sacramento’s Trash Talk give me faith that the true punk spirit is alive and well from Cali to Coney Island.

Youth culture is blending at a dizzying rate.  Kids who rap, skate.  Skate kids rock beats by Dre.  Hardcore kids line the walls at hip hop shows and backpackers are hobnobbing with the freaks and tattooed geeks in basements and VFW shows across the country.  It’s good for the collective scenes, that in all honesty, have started to smear right before our eyes.  Trash Talk is a perfect example.  They’re a tried and true hardcore band with chops like Terror and style like Odd Future.  Fitting since their new record, 119, seamlessly bridges the gap between hardcore and hip hip, without muttering one bar.  The tie that binds is simply the ethos behind the combination of a hardcore band as brutal as Trash Talk and the We Don’t Give A Fuck temperament of Odd Future’s ring leader, Tyler, the Creator, who signed the band to his label.

Since forming in 2006, Trash Talk haven’t attempted to reinvent the wheel.  They’ve never been about pushing the boundaries of their craft.  They’re more concerned with the punch packed into their two minute cacophonous jams.  They’re also hitting the road with label mates Mellowhype, which nearly guarantees chaos and mayhem at every stop.  Put on your shit kickers and kick some shit.



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