The Kids Ain’t Alright

Current hip hop trends speak to a specific demographic that just don’t give a fuck.  And I love it.  Odd Future kicked down the door, rattling our cages like we haven’t seen since Young Black Teenagers. And sure, we want to tap the bottle and twist the cap…but we also need more than entertainment.  It’s not just about style anymore, we need meat.  There are plenty of crews and soundcloud pages to clutter our mind space and there are tons of rappers and KlVans to deal with, but hip hop heads needs more than tumblr pages filled with freaky animations and hipster references to pass the time. 

Elizabeth, New Jersey’s Doomkidz make me smile.  They take me back to the days when it was perfectly acceptable to light a blunt and skip the first half of a Monday morning.  They’re a group of ragtag young rhyme spitters who don’t care who they offend, as long as it’s done with the love of beats and rhymes, and that’s hard to ignore.  They have a deep respect for history of the game, evident in their 90’s era beats and crate digging influences that seem to range from Redman to Rakim. The Doomkidz tend to break off into groups within the group (see Artificial Sand and Thick Frames) yet form like Voltron to prove that a sum is always stronger than its parts.

It’s dope to witness a collection of young artists who take this much pride in their craft.  MC’s Fuzzy, Dre Doso, Shaggy and Classic Leo take turns and video spotlights with ease, delivering carefully playful raps that some vets would struggle to string together. The future’s bright for these cats, and it’s only the very beginning…


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