South Side Glo

Don’t you love how the internet has ushered in a new era of genre mash ups?  We want it now.  We want it fast and flashy.  We don’t care what you call it, as long as it moves us.  Twitter.  Soundcloud.  Bandcamp.  As digital media continues its stranglehold, the music industry has seen radical and apathetic revisions. A major isn’t needed to spread an artists sentiment and finished product.  This year, we’ve seen that double edged sword sharpen to a point. It remains to be seen if this new wave of creative output is headed towards a collapse of Myspace proportions.  Quality, as it tends to do, will rise to the top.  And the others?  Expired domain names and fleeting memories.

Chicago seems to be leading the charge of re-imagined music and art.  Known for its MC’s, soul singers and house music, Chi Town seems to balance on that ledge between saturation and absurdly dope.  There’s the overkill and the perfectly pan-seared.  The GTW is the latter, mixing his South Side cool with the finesse of a world traveled playboy.  We got our hands on the 4814 EP, The GTW’s collaborative project with EDM producer BengFang, and we can’t push pause.  It’s a world class effort blending the influences of Chicago’s electronic scene with their long-standing pedigree for high class hip hop.

The GTW carries cool like Theophilus London while remaining a bit more in touch with the world as the rest of us see it.  Less talk of nine hundred dollar jeans, more introspection.  BengFang’s production ushers in a wave of chill intent to gently buzz rather than bang bang us over the head.  Fang’s instrumentals are densely layered affairs, busy but never chaotic, providing GTW with a sonic canvas to carve up any way he sees fit.  “4814” bears witness to Chicago’s realism while “Blak Lux” is an embodiment of this collaboration, EDM flavor with pure Chi Town lyricism.  A perfect though seemingly unnatural fit. Be sure to check out and follow @THEGTW and @BengFang on Twitter for more info.

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